This was written as part of a Writing Prompt “challenge” with two mates of mine, [Luke][] and [Mark][]. Our prompt this fortnight was “We’re all afraid of the skies now”.

When I was a kid, blue skies meant swimming, and friends, and ice blocks, and staying up later because who goes to bed when the sun is still up?

Sometimes I know where I'm going

It’s a weird thing, writing.

Sometimes you can look out across what you’re writing, and it’s like looking out over a landscape on a glorious, clear summer’s day. You can see every leaf on every tree, and hear the birdsong, and you know where you’ll be going on your walk.

And that’s wonderful.

Sometimes it’s like driving through fog.

House Rules (or The book also says GMs discretion)

Not that long ago I was [gearing up][1] to run a Serenity campaign for some friends of mine who are new to tabletop gaming. After an email discussion about how I like to run games, and what the players were expecting, we organised a time to generate characters.

I sent them blank copies of the character sheet (so that when we sat down at the table they were already familiar with it) and a [3x3x3][2] template for them to fill out. I asked them to bring concepts for their characters with them, so that they knew what their character was about before we started.

I too need this advice...


Listen to this:

The closer we get to the thing we really want, the more resistance we will feel. We will feel some force pushing us away, the closer we get to some thing we think we really want. And for a lot of us that could be writing. Let.s be honest: it is not that hard to write. It.s not really that hard to type. It.s really hard to make something good when writing.

The time has come...

A [friend of mine][1] sent an email to our group of friends earlier this week seeing if anyone wanted to try out the [Serenity RPG][2]. I have been trying to get this group of friends to try RP for years so I was delighted, nay giddy, when I opened the email and read through it. I replied almost immediately with the affirmative to his hint at me running the game for them.